A Girl’s Guide to Amazing Accessories: Necklaces

As I said here, accessories are very important. They take an outfit from nay to yay. I am breaking up each accessory and explaining thoroughly. Girls, it is time to excessorize!

A simple necklace is something that everybody needs. If a large necklace is not in the cards for you, a small, personal chain is a great touch to an outfit.

A large pendant is a fun way to add personality to an outfit. They are very easy to create- I used this chain from Banana Republic and added this little bobble that my grandma gave to me to create this.

This huge, short necklace is bananas. A statement necklace is great for a simple outfit, or even better for a night out.

A gold chain is a must. No matter the size, texture, shape, or cost, any kind of gold chain is a basic that will match with almost everything.

Sometimes, (only sometimes), less is more with accessories. A great, sparkly, necklace at a great length is a simplistic way to add spunk to an ensemble.

Overall, I think we can agree that necklaces are a very important part of accessories. Without them, our necks would look bare, pale, and boring. Test drive all kinds of style to figure out what you like best.

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