A Girl’s Guide to Amazing Accessories: Watches

Watches are one of the most functional accessories. While keeping track of time and adding the perfect touch to a bare wrist, watches manage to pull both of these off. I am always wearing a watch. Even if I have no other accessories on, you can count on a watch on my wrist. Below are some of the basic kinds of watches that I love. Just keep in mind that one high quality watch is better than fifteen low-class ones. Ladies, watch out for an exciting tutorial about the iconic piece of jewelry!

A classic, quality watch is a must-have staple! This watch matches with everything and anything. A basic watch in any kind of metal is not even a question.

Another kind of great accessory to have in the jewelry box is an oversized watch. I personally love gold and rose gold, but silver always does the trick by looking effortlessly chic. Any kind of huge watch is great. Below is what this watch looks like when it is layered with other beads.

I would have never thought that this smaller tortoise watch would become one of my favorites. Sometimes, simplicity is the key. Having one or two tortoise items in storage is never a bad idea.

A black watch is a small portion of a bigger picture. It can blend in when you are wearing all black, or it can pop out when you are wearing a flowing, white sundress.

Everybody needs a fun watch in a fun color. they brighten any outfit, and they add a twist of your own personality. I even have this watch in the same style in bright yellow.

Aside from being a great accessory and a time-keeping device, watches are one of the most fun accessories to wear. In some scenarios (only sometimes), watches will be the only type of jewelry you will put on in an outfit.

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