The Big Apple

I am going to be in New York City for the next four days! I could not be more excited, and I hope that everything goes well. I am going to be doing a lot of tourist things, but I will especially enjoy my time window shopping along 5th Avenue! I will be documenting the […]

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To Mom

Happy Mother’s Day! A special thank you goes out to my mother, who as old as she may think she is, is a young, fun, fashionable, patient, understanding, hilarious, cute, and great mom. Thanks, Mom, I love you!

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In the Kitchen

I tried baking some basic chocolate chip cookies, and while they weren’t amazing, they were still pretty darn good! Here are some of the pictures of my time in the kitchen. I find that making the cookies huge is way more fun, but just remember to add a few more minutes to the total cooking […]

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Monogrammed Necklace

First of all, is Taylor Swift not adorable? Second off, that monogrammed necklace is on the top of my wish list right now! I have been seeing them all over the place, and I am falling head over heels for them! They here are normally pretty pricey, but I found some here at Pottery Barn […]

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Floral Additions

Adding flowers to your hair is an easy way to accessorize. They are so, incredibly chic, yet they are still young and fresh. Whether you wear a headband with a huge flower or just add a few small flowers to your bun or braids, they always manage to do the trick. 1,2,3

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