Favorite Things

Personally, I love to write and receive cute notes in the mail. I mean, who doesn’t want a polka dot envelope with their name on it waiting in the mailbox? Here are a few rules that I follow when writing or creating stationery:

1. Make sure that your handwriting is legible- one of the worst things is when you can’t read what somebody took the time to write.

2. Make sure that the words you are writing mean something or are short and sweet. An impersonal note is not so fun to receive.

3. When in doubt, add a fun sticker or stamp either in the letter itself or on the back of the envelope, as pictured below.

4. Try to invest in stationery that is personal to you- whether it has your full name written in cursive or your last initial someplace, it will feel more meaningful to you and whomever you are writing it to.

5. Always, always, always take the time to write out a thank you note! This is a crucial thing, as simple as it sounds. A phone call or email will work, but the best way to thank somebody is to write two or three sentences letting them know that you appreciate their kind actions.

6. Last but not least, add your own style and personality to every letter you write! Everyone has a different way of writing an address, signing their name, or using glitter creatively!

Here are some of my favorite cards and envelopes right now.

One thought on “Favorite Things

  1. We must have both had the same thoughts to start off the beginning of June! Mine was more the paragraph approach but I really like your rules to keep in mind! (Especially making sure to keep your handwriting legible). Look forward to reading more of your blogs.

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