A Girl’s Guide to Amazing Accessories: Rings

Rings are great because anybody can wear them, and the price range is very broad. There are huge costume-y rings at Forever 21 for about $2, and then there are real diamond rings that go for much more. Even if you are not getting dressed up, or perhaps just running errands, rings are super easy to slip on. Here are a few basics that everybody should think about investing in.

A basic ring of any color is a great way to add a simple accessory to your outfit. If you are going for a look that does not have a ton of jewelry, this is the way to go.

This silver ring is a staple in my jewelry box! I come back to it all the time when choosing accessories. Even if you love the look of gold way more than silver (which would be me), you need a silver ring of some sort. This is actually a spoon ring, so it is just that much more unique.

Every girl needs a large flower on her finger once and a while! I have seen this ring in more than four different colors before, and I use it often! Just keep in mind that you are wearing a huge flower on one of your fingers, so wearing other rings and bracelets on the same hand is not a wise choice.

A huge cocktail ring is always very fun to wear. The mix of diamonds and pearls in this example is why I love it so much! There are millions of cocktail rings out there, so go find yourself one… or two or three!

Rocks of any size (the bigger the better, though!) or color are always a go to accessory for me. They add a pop of glamour to your look without overwhelming the entire ensemble.

Vintage rings are something that everybody can love. They can hold special meaning to you, and they are exactly what they sound like- vintage! Nobody else will have the same one as you, which is a major bonus!

Layering rings has become a popular trend that is easy to pull off. The awesome thing about stackers is that you can wear them all on one finger, or you can put them all on different fingers for a fun effect!

Easy, simple, and fun are some of the words that come to my mind when I think of rings. They might be the easiest accessory to wear because you don’t have to be in your most formal dress when you wear them.

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