Comfy & Cozy

Finally, fall is here. My second favorite season couldn’t have come soon enough. The past few weeks have been all about getting adjusted to high school, trying to add some spunk to the uniform (jewelry, jewelry, shoes, jewelry), and starting to cheer for those freshman football players (typical high school girly-girl, huh?). My goal is to get back to this little outlet as much as possible, hoping the teachers don’t pile on the tons of work they usually do. Thanks for sticking around, here’s to a new beginning.


{Sweater weather is my favorite!!}


{Ready? Okay!}


{My favorite kicks this season}


{These have been my go-to accessories lately}


{Nothing screams fall more than college football games}


{Painting shirts with the BFF for homecoming week is always a blast–and these shirts were for ‘Murica Monday, in case you were wondering}


{It feels like all I’m doing nowadays is homework.homework.homework.}


{Oh, the beauty of the great outdoors on a gorgeous day}

2 thoughts on “Comfy & Cozy

  1. I really like the bike, looks familiar. We can take a ride when you come over. We will be home soon, now in London. Guess what, it is foggy!! GP

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