Big Change

For the past few months, I have been wanting to change not only the color theme, furniture, and layout of my room, but the location of it as well. My brother so kindly agreed to switch rooms with me, which made the process a lot easier (he had the bigger closet and I had the bigger room, so it was good trade-off). After months of planning, the first step was finally taken towards achieving the goal: The painter came. As soon as the paint was on the wall, we moved the basic furniture into my new room (beds, bedside table, mirror). I also moved all of my clothes into my new (and bigger!) closet. My closet before was…not pretty, as you can see below. But this time around, however, I made sure to organize everything carefully and tediously. A tutorial on closet organization will be coming soon, and hopefully by then I will be abiding to all the tips I write about.


{The state of my previous closet is slightly embarrassing. As you can see, things were highly unorganized, piles of random things were scattered about, and the hangers looked horrid.}


{Now things are neatly hanging by category and color, and all of the hangers are uniform.}

Only the basic furniture is in my new den; the accessories will be added as I find them and as they are ready. Here are a few snaps of the start of something new.


{The pillows are still in the process of being made, and I am excited to get them to add a pop of color to the neutral color theme.}


{Monogrammed coasters protect the antique table in a fashionable way.}


{One of the first things I brought into my room was this sparkly accessory, framing one of my close friends and I.}

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