We’ve Got Spirit

When I was a little girl, wherever I saw cheerleaders, I was mesmerized by their uniforms and the way they carried themselves. Football games were not about the football, they were about the cheerleaders.

The uniforms always looked amazing, and I couldn’t wait to wear it someday. But I never knew what the uniform actually was- a skirt & long sleeve shirt? A dress? A tank top with a long sleeve shirt under? It was all so confusing, but it was all so beautiful.

It is a little crazy to believe that now I am the cheerleader, and I am on the “inside” of the cheer world. This is what the cheer uniform consists of, in case you had the same curiosity that I did when I was little but never figured it out.


1. The shell. This is the top of the uniform, and it is the central piece of the ensemble.


2. The skirt. This is one of those things that doesn’t look so great on a hanger but looks amazing when you put it on.


3. The liner & briefs. These things aren’t very fun, but they pull everything together. I was very surprised when I got the liner and learned it was a “crop-top” style.


4. The warmup. This might be the most universally coveted part of the cheer uniform. And let me just tell you- it is not called the warmup for no reason.


5. The poms & shoes. My poms and shoes have both gotten a good beating in the past six weeks, but they look really clean and neat from a distance. Surprisingly, the shoes are extremely comfortable.


6. The bow. This is my favorite part of the entire uniform. Everybody looks cuter with a bow, right?!

There has not been a time when I am less than joyful to put all of this on. The first month I had it, I would put it on for fun and strut around the house. I hope this helped give you an understanding of what it is that we cheerleaders wear when we’re jumping around on the field.

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