A Rose and Her Clothes is Back!


Hello, again! It’s been a minute since I’ve been on here or, quite frankly, thought about this blog at all.

I started A Rose and Her Clothes in 2013 as a creative outlet to share writing, photos, ideas, and my passion for fashion (which was questionable at best), and that’s honestly what brings me back now, too.

Fast forward almost seven years, and I’m a junior at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas studying Creative Advertising and Graphic Design. If you told 13 year-old-A-Rose-and-Her-Clothes-Anna-Rose that I would go to college in Dallas, I never would’ve believed you. But I really wanted to explore outside of Iowa’s state lines, and I wanted to be a writer that gets to pursue her creativity on a daily basis. SMU is the perfect place for both of those things. I am so blessed (more on my school pride to come hehe)!

I also never would’ve believed you if you told me I would start writing on this blog again at any point in time — I pretty much ruled this out as something of the past. I’m returning to the blogging world purely to satisfy that creative itch that’s always within me, begging for me to let it out.

I may never be the smartest or savviest person in this industry, but I can’t not share my creative pursuits. As I put my thoughts on fashion, faith, and other random (fabulous!) subjects in writing, I hope to inspire you + be more vulnerable and real than my first go at this (hello, 7th grade blogging-self).

Thanks for tuning in — I can’t wait to get this rolling!!

xx Anna Rose

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