The Archives of AR&HC


I’m laughing because I’ve been thinking about bringing back A Rose and Her Clothes for quite some time, but I finally decided to pull the trigger at what would appear to be the most inconvenient time possible. I mean, it’s not like I have seven projects to finish in the next two weeks before finals, right?! :’)

But here’s the bottom line: I need a creative outlet. I need a place I can write and share photos — a platform I can simply create without killing myself making xyz product absolutely perfect. For once, I need to stop talking about all of my dreams and ideas and creative longings and just go for it.

I’m also laughing (and totally, completely cringing) because I’ve decided to keep the archives public from my first go at this site. Part of me wanted to delete them and start fresh, but a bigger part of me said no, absolutely not. This is a part of my history, this is a part of my creative process. So they are here to stay. Hopefully I’ve made some big strides over the past seven years, but I’ll let you be the judge of that!

Looking back at past work is such a love / hate sort of thing — there’s a sweet, innocent essence to things we’ve created in the past. We’ve gotta start somewhere, rigth?! But there’s also the cringe-y and again, naive, side of them as well. I might not have known much about fashion at 13 (it’ll only take you a few blog posts back to realize that), but the passion and the heart were there. And quite frankly, those are two things you just can’t beat.

As I relaunch, it’s easy to have all these expectations of making something so fabulous it’ll knock your socks off, or of getting up to the same level as some of my favorite bloggers (hello, Brighton Keller and Somewhere, Lately). Why in the world would I compare myself to professional bloggers who have been in the game for the past seven years while I, on the other hand, have not? Comparison, baby. She’s a sneaky one.

Instead of looking around and pointing at someone else I feel obligated to measure up to, this is much more about looking within myself and sharing what God has put on my heart with the gifts He’s given me — which may look different than others around me.

As I’ve flipped through the archives of A Rose and Her Clothes, I can remember countless middle school nights rummaging around my house, searching for beauty products I could write about. That same heart and creative drive are still here, years later. Fashion is only one facet of what I love and want to share, and sometimes it’s only when we look back that we can clearly see where we’ve been, what our gifts are, and how we want to hit the ground running from where we are now.

Pretty please bear with me over the next few weeks as I make it to the halfway mark of junior year. But I have a feeling that even in the craziness of it all, I’ll need a place where I can, even if it’s just for five minutes in the middle of the storm, write and check in and talk about some of the things I love. I’m so excited I get to string my thoughts and ideas together and share them here. I am so grateful!

xx Anna Rose

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