The Softest Cheetah Scarf You’ll Ever Meet


All my midwest peeps know that you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to stay warm come November (well, realistically more like October). I had been counting down the days to come home for the first time since August, and it was a rude awakening as the weather in Dallas had been up and down, up and down too many times to drive my allergies insane and keep me out of the routine of wearing a coat everyday.

Since I’ve been back in Des Moines I’ve had no option but to throw on a scarf purely for the purpose of staying warm (although we’ve seen temps much colder than the past week — the sub zero temps are still around the corner). And let me tell you, this scarf does not disappoint!


Ladies, wrapping this scarf around your neck is like wearing your favorite blanket out of the house, and nothing beats that. If I could live in my favorite fuzzy blanket, I would. Plus it’s 30% off now! The price is truly unbeatable.

There’s something so comforting about feeling good in the outfit you’re wearing, and there’s an added bonus when that fabulous outfit also keeps you warm. It’s easy to take for granted the (fabulous) accessories many of us have by our sides during these winter months, and as the Advent season begins, it’s easier than ever to help out people that need a helping hand.

My home church in West Des Moines is doing a sock drive to help their local mission partners this Advent season. The shelters get lots of clothing and home good donations but have found a gap in the sock department. As a majority of the people in need travel by foot, they are in real need of socks.

If you’re in the Des Moines area, you can drop off new, packaged pairs of socks at any of the Lutheran Church of Hope locations. You can find more information here!


Scarf // Old North Face coat, similar here // Sneakers

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