Thoughts on Advent + Sweater I’m Loving


I’ve never really understood Advent until this year. I knew it was the preparation for Christmas, the time before Jesus is born, but I’ve never really been in it before, ya know?

One of the biggest things I’ve learned this year is that there’s a big difference between hearing something at church, or school or even on Instagram, and knowing it versus actually leaning into it and experiencing it.

It’s like there’s this whole other world, this whole other realm that people are tapping into, and I never got that until this year. Advent, Lent, even regular Sunday morning services… It’s easy to go through the motions or look at the people that are really into it and think, How? Because until we are really in it, it can seem super super complex, like some math lesson we will never grasp (anyone else??)

To keep something that was meant to be simple (faith), simple, this is what has helped me:

Deciding in my mind, in my heart of hearts, that this season is for me. That no matter how many times I’ve messed up this year or fallen short, God is still inviting me into it. It’s a decision I’m making to believe.

I’m believing that there’s enough grace to go around and that He still wants me to show up. And with all the deadlines and finals and craziness that goes on in December, thank goodness. What a relief that I don’t have to pull myself together or evolve into some super faithful, perfect Christian girl before He wants me.

Things will definitely not be perfect, but I’m showing up, and there’s a spot for you, too.

I feel like something is right around the corner, something fabulous and noteworthy. And guess what, the birth of our Savior fits the bill!


In other news, I’m loving this sweater right now. It is the most. comfortable. thing. Like wearing a blanket or a cloud, or a really fantastic tent or something. With all the holiday luncheons and functions in our midst, it’s a great piece to have on hand for a comfortable but stylish look.

The sweater is from this past October at H&M, but they no longer offer it… or at least it was nowhere to be found! But here is one that fits similarly, and another one here.


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