Crazy for Coral

Without realizing it, I have been buying things that have a coral tone to them. The nail polish I just got and the flowers in my house all have one thing in common: they share the same tone. I think that this is the latest and greatest trend in the wake. What is your favorite […]

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Floral Additions

Adding flowers to your hair is an easy way to accessorize. They are so, incredibly chic, yet they are still young and fresh. Whether you wear a headband with a huge flower or just add a few small flowers to your bun or braids, they always manage to do the trick. 1,2,3

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Fabulous Flowers

One of the reasons that spring is so wonderful is that all of the flowers are in full bloom. Aside from a great, fragrant scent, they look gorgeous. Here are some of my favorites right now.

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My trip has finally come to an end, but it was a fantastic trip. All of the great shopping, food, and quirky things I snapped a shot of are here for you to see below. The trip was truly amazing, and while I am sad to come back home, I am glad that it was […]

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